We take our responsibilities to all our stakeholders seriously, and we constantly strive to ensure that our business is positioned to achieve goals that are not only important for us, but for society at large.

We have evolved over the last five decades from a company selling minerals to a producer of intermediate goods, and further into an organization focused on providing innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. These solutions respond to pressing global environmental and demographic trends, and are enabling our clients to manage water more effectively, irrigate crops, develop sustainable infrastructure and connect the world.
We create value by providing a safe and empowering environment for our employees, being good stewards of our products and of shared natural resources, working as a force for good in the communities in which we operate, and delivering financial returns for our shareholders.

We take our place in this new global landscape with a sense of pride in what we have accomplished and a belief in our ability to rise to the collective challenges that await us – including the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Financial and Sustainability Report 2017

The Mexichem Financial and Sustainability Report 2017 provides comprehensive information about how we create value for our stakeholders. In the report, we outline how we address global challenges, define our goals, show our progress to date and explain our strategic and management approaches.

The report was prepared in accordance with GRI Standards. It also includes information on our stakeholder engagement and materiality determination process.

Success stories

Freshwater resources are under stress. Sources of freshwater such as rivers, lakes and aquifers are being depleted or becoming too polluted to use. At the current rate of consumption, freshwater scarcity issues are only expected to get worse.

Agriculture not only consumes large amounts of water, but it also consumes it in an extremely wasteful way. Current methods of irrigation waste large amounts of water through leaks and over-application. Excessive irrigation not only wastes water but also creates runoff of sediment and fertilizers into surrounding ecosystems, causing pollution.

Efficient irrigation mechanisms are needed to protect water resources from wasteful use. Netafim is the world’s leading irrigation company, driving the adoption of smart irrigation systems to address food, water and land insecurity. The company’s drip irrigation solutions deliver water efficiently, reducing water loss through evaporation and runoff, and reducing operational costs.

In 2018, Mexichem acquired an 80% stake in Netafim. With this acquisition, we aim to demonstrate our commitment and strengthen our capacity to deliver products and solutions to address global challenges such as food and water scarcity, the need to increase food yields and the need to use our precious resources in a sustainable way.


The Plastic Road offers several benefits over existing road infrastructure. It extends the useful life of a road by three times, reduces construction time by 70%, is four times lighter and is 100% circular, made entirely by recycling plastic recovered from oceans. As a market leader in plastic pipes and drainage systems, Mexichem’s Wavin product line contributes knowledge, expertise and experience to the PlasticRoad project.

Although the concept is still in the pilot and testing stages, it is an important first step in examining the sustainability of our road infrastructure and developing solutions that reuse existing materials, reduce pollution and contribute to a circular economy.


Financial and Sustainability Report

Enrique Domínguez Cuevas

Global Sustainability Director

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