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Our Leadership Statement

Our Mexichem LEADER acts under the highest ethical standards, showing consistency with what is said and done; is committed to developing people and achieving business goals, all with the final purpose of ensuring our financial, social and environmental objectives are achieved, in benefit of our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

  1. Our Most Important Asset

    Leaders at Mexichem adhere to the highest ethical standards, act according to their word, and are committed to the development of each of our employees. Focused on Mexichem’s business goals, our people collaborate and work every day to make sure we generate value for our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the communities where we operate. We also work constantly to protect the environment and to improve people’s lives through our products, services and solutions. If you are passionate about your work, if you like challenges and are looking for an organization where you can develop a career, Mexichem is a great choice.

  2. Our Commitment

    "We seek to grow in an environment of cultural diversity and knowledge distribution, ensuring individual development and the retention of talent."
    The safety of our employees is the key factor driving our performance. We are focused on avoiding accidents and fatalities. Mexichem provides its employees the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. We offer competent individuals, who are motivated to respect our values, the opportunity for human and professional growth.

    We also strive to improve, through joint participation with local residents, the communities where we do business. The diversity of social conditions in the communities where Mexichem operates, demands a diversity of strategies and measures to improve the lives of our workers and neighbors. Together, we work to seize opportunities and create value.

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