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Providing water to all – leaving no one behind

Providing water to all – leaving no one behind

Mexichem Solutions
April 22, 2019
By Andrew Livingstone

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March 22 is United Nations World Water Day.

At Mexichem, we are proud that our ever-growing range of innovative solutions help both cities and rural areas to manage water resources in the most prudent way possible – providing access to all and preserving our most precious resource for future generations.

Here is a snapshot of just some of our innovative water-management solutions, and how they are helping to improve lives around the world.

Installing rainwater catchment systems in rural areas

In many rural areas of developing countries, municipal water supplies are not a reality. That means they must collect their own water – especially challenging in areas with irregular rainfall like parts of Central America. Mexichem’s rainwater collection systems collect rainfall runoff through roof gutters and stores the water in a geomembrane. It is then used to provide running water for kitchens and bathrooms, or even to water vegetable gardens.

Mexichem’s Amanco-brand rainwater catchment system has been installed in a number of suburban and rural schools in Guatemala, giving students access to tap water for the first time and creating a more hygienic learning environment. Since 2013, 80 million liters of water storage has been installed in Guatemalan schools.

Fixing leaky pipes under city streets

Governments around the world are starting to prepare for water stresses as growing cities struggle with water sources affected by changing rainfall patterns. A major source of water loss is through leaky pipes – in fact, it’s estimated that leakages lose England and Wales more than 3 billion liters of water every day. Mexichem’s innovative Compact Pipe solution offers an easy and reliable way for local authorities to install new piping under city streets without disrupting city life.

When Cape Town faced a crisis that threatened to leave the city completely dry, the local government installed a section of Compact Pipe to fix leaks in a major municipal line. Compact Pipe is installed inside existing infrastructure, creating a new seal inside a leaky pipe, without the need for trenches to be dug in roads. The water saving has been observed by other officials looking to implement similar projects elsewhere.


Bringing large-scale irrigation to communities

Our Netafim-brand precision agriculture solutions help farmers around the world to grow more with less. Drip irrigation brings water directly to crops’ roots, making it the most water-efficient form of irrigation, producing more high-quality produce using much less water.

In India’s arid Karnataka state, the world’s largest drip-irrigation project is bringing irrigation to 7,000 farmers across 11,000 hectares for the first time, increasing the growing season and improving farmers’ livelihoods. It has proved so successful that Netafim has been chosen to participate in four more large projects that will precision irrigation to more than 60,000 rural farmers across more than 100 villages.

Managing water flows in commercial buildings

Indoor plumbing is as old as ancient Rome, but the way we move water in and out of modern buildings is constantly changing, and we invest in research and development to constantly come up with new innovative water management solutions for building and construction. Our low impact plumbing systems keep us ahead of changing building standards, making us the preferred partner for many constructors.

One example is the Yachthouse project in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. Mexichem’s Amanco-brand water management solutions were chosen to provide hot and cold water, sewerage, rainwater and fire protection systems for what will be, when completed, the country’s tallest building with two 81-floor towers reaching 275 meters above the beach. Amanco was preferred for its product quality guarantee and after-sales support, essential for such a large and complex project.

Ensuring urban stormwater drains efficiently

Water management doesn’t just mean getting fresh water to people – it also means disposing of excess water, and with rainstorms increasing in number and intensity in many parts of the world, urban drainage is becoming more important. Mexichem manufactures high-quality attenuation and infiltration systems that can be used to create underground storage tanks, giving cities better control over water discharge.

When the city of Wolfsburg in Germany redeveloped a large urban area, it wanted to create a sustainable and livable community in an area prone to flooding during heavy rainfall. Using a combination of green areas and Wavin-brand Q-Bic attenuation and infiltration systems, it was able to achieve a modern urban living space where residents can rest easy knowing flooding is not a risk.

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