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BMV Filings

BMV Reports

Mexichem sends an annual report to the Mexican Stock Exchange.
Select the year to view the report (Spanish).

2018BMV Annual Report 2018Download PDF
2016BMV Annual Report 2016Download PDF
2017BMV Annual Report 2017Download PDF
2015BMV Annual Report 2015Download PDF
2014BMV Annual Report 2014Download PDF
2013BMV Annual Report 2013Download PDF
2012BMV Annual Report 2012Download PDF
2011BMV Annual Report 2011Download PDF
2010BMV Annual Report 2010Download PDF
2009BMV Annual Report 2009Download PDF

Placement Brochures

Select the prospectus of interest.

2011Prospectus Stock Exchange Certificates Program 2011Download PDF
2011Supplement CBR’s Second Issue 2011Download PDF
2009Supplement CBR’s First Issue 2009Download PDF
2009Prospectus Stock Exchange Certificates Program 2009Download PDF
2007Placement Brochure 2007Download PDF
2005Placement Brochure 2005Download PDF

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