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  • Corporate Practices Committee

    As set forth in the Mexican Securities Market Law, our Corporate Practices Committee is required to: (1) provide opinions to the Board of Directors; (2) request and obtain opinions from independent third-party experts; (3) call shareholders’ meetings; (4) provide assistance to the Board of Directors in the preparation of annual reports; (5) provide reports to the Board of Directors; (6) review the compensation packages of the management team and their performance; and (7) review transactions between related parties.

    1. Eugenio Clariond Reyes Retana (President)
    2. Divo Milán Haddad
    3. Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena
  • Audit Committee

    Our Audit Committee’s principal role is to: (1) supervise our external auditors; (2) analyze the external auditors’ reports; (3) inform the Board of Directors in regards to existing internal controls; (4) supervise the execution of related party transactions; (5) require our officers to prepare reports when necessary; (6) inform the Board of Directors of any irregularities that the Audit Committee encounters; (7) supervise the activities of our CEO; and (8) provide an annual report to the Board of Directors.

    1. Fernando Ruíz Sahagún (President)
    2. Divo Milán Haddad
    3. Eduardo Tricio Haro
    4. Jaime Ruíz Sacristán (Permanent Guest)

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