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Turning a river into distribution junctions of potable water to help the delta of Bueno Aires

Turning a river into distribution junctions of potable water to help the delta of Bueno Aires

Due to the high costs of the plumbing and the difficulties in placing pipes through rivers, there are no potable water networks around the delta of Buenos Aires, where there is a population of 9,000 inhabitants.

Country: Argentina
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Access to water is mainly obtained by the extraction of surface water, which is then treated, and allows the inhabitants to have water suitable for personal hygiene and laundry purposes, although some people also use it for personal consumption and for cooking food, not knowing that is not suitable for that.

water_that_must_be_drunk_DSC05054vMany islanders are supplied with bottled water, which is costly. Besides bottling places do not always have adequate quality control measures. Many of the residents are not financially able to purchase these bottles and use the water of the rivers, jeopardizing their health.

The project aims at installing a water treatment system for the water of the river through an electroflocculation system, as well as improvements in the sanitation system of schools and health centers of the Parana River Delta. The objective is to turn the river into distribution junctions of potable water to achieve progressively that the entire island population has access to this precious resource. An estimated six months to install the duration plant is envisaged. Initially a multi-role management will be formed.

The technology used is electrocoagulation, which has very low environmental impact, as no chemicals are used for the primary treatment. The rise of sludge and sediment is minimal and presents no problem for disposal.

In the long run, the aim is to transform all the educational institutions and public health centers in the islands of the municipality of Tigre into nodes of drinking water, resulting in the foundation for a strategic plan for the health service area of the Paraná delta. The population will also become aware about the proper use of water and how to manage it.

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