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Re-building an urban sewage to improve Guachene’s health and environmental conditions

Re-building an urban sewage to improve Guachene’s health and environmental conditions

Mexichem helps optimize and expand the sewage collection and infrastructure for domestic wastewater in the urban zone of Guachene, Colombia.

Country: Colombia
Fluent Business Group

Guachene has a total population of about 19,732 inhabitants. Some 4,993 are settled in urban areas. Guachene has the highest percentage (99%) of people of African origin in Colombia. In only 5% of the municipalities in Colombia with Afro-Colombian residents are those residents a majority of the population. In Guachene, 22% of the population is younger than nine, and there are approximately 1,130 children in the country.

The existing sewage system built in Guachene is obsolete, made of cement pipe and clogged in several sections. This has resulted in the flooding of streets and houses with wastewater. In addition, there are direct sewage discharges to the Palo River, which cause erosion and pollution. With the installation of about 4,000 linear feet of main collection sewers with connections, and a sewage chamber system, approximately of 85% of the sewage collection system in this urban area is forecasted to be upgraded.

As a result, the town of Guachene will rank above average in sewage collection coverage on the national and municipal levels, contributing to meeting the goals set by Colombia as part of the UN’s Millennium Development Objectives for 2015. The new construction will also promote the health of children who are most at risk when sanitation is lacking. It will also allow the municipality to pave streets after the sewage networks are restored and installed.

During the implementation stage, Mexichem has provided support for problem-solving and addressing any concerns. Likewise, there has been continuous monitoring of the pipe installation, so that the construction meets the quality requirements needed to ensure a long-lasting service. The community has been very interested in learning about the construction process and the operation of the sewage system, demonstrating the importance sanitation has for the community.

Mexichem is proud to help plan, provide research and training and determine the specifications for the sewage collection project. Mexichem has also overseen the project quality, and has offered support, follow up and management of the project.

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