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Providing housing and a better life quality for low-income families

Providing housing and a better life quality for low-income families

Mexichem helps build 90 homes strengthening a community’s capacity to improve its quality of life and sustainable development. All of this is coordinated with Habitat for Humanity.

Country: El Salvador
Fluent Business Group

This project seeks to provide housing for low-income families in the municipality of Morazan, Honduras. The families were forced to migrate to Honduras while seeking refuge from armed conflict. Years later, these families returned to rebuild their lives.

There are 109 families living in extreme poverty in the El Barrial community. Some years ago, a non-profit organization built 60 permanent houses for them. However, due to the natural deterioration of materials and the increase in population, the need for new sustainable homes and the improvement of the existing ones arose.

Poverty, limited access to basic services, high vulnerability in the area and the history of the inhabitants of El Barrial, motivated various organizations to undertake the current project which also aims to strengthen leadership and community organization fostering self-sustainability and boosting the community’s capacity for risk management in case of natural disasters.

Mexichem El Salvador has worked with Habitat for Humanity for more than 10 years, by donating materials and funds, and participating by volunteering in housing construction projects.

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