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Intelligent design to solve rainwater drainage

Intelligent design to solve rainwater drainage

Wavin worked with Dutch roofing company Cityroofs to solve a stormwater drainage problem for local government owners of properties with large flat roof areas.

Country: Netherlands
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Cityroofs specialises in projects to make better use of large roof areas by creating ecological solutions or roof terraces.

Existing drainage was unable to cope with torrential rainfall during storms. Temporary measures to deal with the consequences of these events were typically expensive and time-consuming.

Peak water volumes needed to be managed so that they drain off over a period of 26-28 hours in compliance with government regulations – and so minimise the risk of flooding.

Wavin and Cityroofs used intelligent design to develop a solution for rainwater drainage from roofs. Wavin’s systems – such as outlets and pipes for transportation of the water – are especially suitable for these applications. Solutions also incorporate temporary water storage capacity and controlled discharge.

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