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Enabling students to discover innovation through science

Enabling students to discover innovation through science

Encouraging the next generation of scientists.

Country: United Kingdom
Fluor Business Group

As part of Mexichem’s commitment to invest in future generations of scientists, pupils studying for the BTEC National Applied Science Diploma were invited into both the company’s research department at the Heath Business & Technical Park and manufacturing site at Rocksavage. The project was new to the business and was first delivered in 2013 but can now continue to be executed year after year.

Teacher placement element: The first part of the S4L Program accepts one or two teachers into the company for up to two days to better understand the business. The teachers will then develop materials and activities for older students based around the company’s activities.

Materials and activities for the older students: The materials and activities – designed for the older students – are used in classroom teaching. These students will also have a relevant themed-visit to the company. There are different kinds of materials produced by colleges/schools, which can take the form of worksheets and interactive exercises to enrich the students’ visit to the company; laboratory practical work in colleges/schools using industrial standard operating procedures; hands-on simulation work by students in the company; or the production by students of a leaflet or a video about the company.

Cascading element: The materials are then adapted by these older students for younger or other students, which is a very powerful learning experience, with the option for younger and other students to visit the company as well. In the later stages, the form of cascading work in the colleges/schools also varies, from simplifying the chemistry to explaining the science to a younger age group; demonstrating how to extract information related to the course specifications from the partner company’s website; or making PowerPoint presentations describing the experience of the visit to the company and the resulting improved perceptions about science-based industry.

Mexichem is proud to provide training and guidance to the students by showing them the relation between theory and practice.

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