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Designing an irrigation system solution to help refurbish a school farm

Designing an irrigation system solution to help refurbish a school farm

A school orchard is renewed with the help of Mexichem and the implementation of sustainable water use and organic farming. An irrigation system suitable to the needs of the farm is designed.

Country: Colombia
Fluent Business Group

Most of the children and youngsters at the Antonio Nariño School face poverty due to the local underdevelopment of agriculture, livestock and forestry resources. There are also few job opportunities available after graduating from basic education programs and continuing on to technical schools. In past years a farm was built that generated resources for disadvantaged students, but it ultimately failed due to the lack of irrigation. The community now needs to implement measures at school and/or home to resume the organic farming project and achieve the goal of benefiting a group of 150 students directly—as well as future generations of students who will continue the farming activities in one or two years. This will create job opportunities, as well as educate about and promote the preservation of the environment.

The project involves theoretical and practical training on school premises and at the farm. The training will be carried out by experts in the topics being dealt with, including water preservation, management of the hypochlorite to disinfect vegetables, and the implementation of irrigation systems.

Mexichem is proud to design the irrigation system, educate people about its use and care, and provide training on disinfecting vegetables.

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