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Creating smiles: drinking water supplied to displaced families

Creating smiles: drinking water supplied to displaced families

Mexichem helps supply potable water to a community of 100 displaced and unemployed families. Education regarding the proper use of water is also provided.

Country: El Salvador
Fluent Business Group

The Farabundo Marti Community was founded in May 2012 by families forcibly evicted from the property in which they originally resided.

Today, between 85 and 100 families live in precarious conditions, most without basic services like electricity and water. Access to health services and education is restricted due to the geographical location. Average household income is approximately US$161 per month. Nearly half (48%) of the population has no formal or regular employment, which significantly worsens their economic situation.

The community is settled on state property, specifically on a former railway line, and is trying to access mechanisms supported by the state for legalization.

The main source of water in the community is a private supplier that visits the community every three days. To date, the household expenditure allocated to this resource is US$31 per month, representing approximately 20% of a typical family’s income.

The project and Mexichem’s participation, seek to bring drinking water to these families in accordance with the capacity of their location. Although there is a nearby tank with a potable water line that crosses the community, there is no access to the water. The project aims to make an agreement with the mayor of the municipality so a tank and a network of water outlets can be built close to the families’ homes.

Mexichem is proud to provide design services, supervision and materials supplies for the project, including educational lectures.

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