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Mexichem in Czech Republic, through our Fluent business is represented by the Wavin brand, a leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions. Wavin provides better solutions for above and below ground projects in the following application areas: water management, heating and cooling, water and gas distribution, waste water drainage and cable ducting. It has built an unrivalled reputation for continuous innovation, intelligent problem-solving, dedicated technical support and the highest standards. Its innovation portfolio includes the world’s first large diameter PVC pressure pipe in 1955, the first stormwater infiltration unit in 1997 and the world’s first high performance PPR system for hot and cold water supply in 2013.

We have solutions designed to handle rainwater run-off from hard surfaces; systems for circulation of water within residential and commercial buildings to deliver heating and cooling; systems for water distribution within residential and commercial buildings, and pipes for transportation of gas and main water supplies; solutions for the efficient disposal of waste and waste water above and below ground; and systems for the safe conduit of cables for communications and power.

Every day, our systems and solutions are contributing to all types of projects: from major prestige construction programs to small domestic installations and refurbishments. All these applications, however complex or routine, have one key factor in common: they all contribute to the essentials of daily life.

The Fluent business is represented by the Dura-Line brand. Dura-Line has turned into a leading international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems, including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories. We serve a wide variety of markets, such as telecommunications, including CATV networks; energy, including oil and gas collection, as well as electrical transmission and distribution conduit; transportation networks including intelligent highways and street lighting; municipal and industrial pipe for potable, waste, and process water and gases; enterprise and data networks for hospitals, universities, and industrial automation; and irrigation systems, with both electrical controls/ power supply and golf course/ turf irrigation.

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