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Mexichem entered the Costa Rica market in 2007 with the production and sale of PVC piping, connections and accessories for fluid conduction, principally water and other things such as electricity.

Mexichem’s production plant is located in Asuncion de Belen and has more than 286 employees that work daily to offer the best products and services option to our customers, while contributing to the quality of life of this Central American population.

Mexichem’s operations have constantly grown and expanded and we offer a varied portfolio of piping and connections for a wide range of clients in the residential construction, infrastructure and agriculture markets.

Our portfolio of customers consists of construction and hardware companies, government entities and contractors dedicated to a wide range of activities in the following areas: water and sewage, private and government infrastructure, hydrology projects, telecommunications and wastewater.

Mexichem operates in a variety of sales and distribution channels in order to meet our customers’ wide range of activities, including offering strategic direct sales and distribution of our products.

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