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Building expertise to solve global issues

Since 2003 we have completed 26 acquisitions, resulting in an aggregate of 82 acquired companies. Vertically integrated operations were a crucial step in our strategy to succeed in the commodities market. A disciplined acquisition model has boosted our global competitiveness by increasing our market presence in key regions of the world. It has added knowledge, skills and proprietary technology to the business.

In 2014 Mexichem shifted its strategy towards the production and commercialization of specialty and value-added products. Increasingly, we have exercised the ability to meet the growing market for consumer-driven specialty products and new solutions, which point to a healthy future as a market leader and innovator.

Pathways to Connect

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Solutions that tackle the world's pressing challenges

Today we feel comfortable with the level of vertical integration that our businesses have achieved, and it's time to embark on a mission to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. Rapid urbanization, water scarcity, climate change, a growing and aging population, and technological breakthroughs pose significant challenges for the future.

Cities will keep growing, demanding more infrastructure and connectivity. Climate change is affecting rainfall patterns, meaning water needs to be moved, stored and managed differently. More food needs to be produced on less available land using less water to feed a growing population.  

Mexichem is expanding its range of products and helping create solutions to tackle these challenges. We are delivering fresh water where people need it, with better water management solutions for homes, and rainwater, wastewater and drainage systems for cities. We are keeping an increasingly online world connected through advanced data transfer systems that deliver more data, at a higher speed. We are growing more food with less water with intelligent irrigation solutions and farm-management techniques.

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Economies of scale and technology as a platform to improve people's lives

Direct access to raw materials allows us to achieve significant operating efficiencies and a stable cost structure, making the company more competitive and better at developing innovative solutions that help society.

Our extensive international footprint is a robust platform to deliver innovative solutions which contribute to progress and improve people's lives. Over the past few decades, we have built a global network that leverages specific knowledge, skills and proprietary technology to benefit clients through improved product performance, while continuing to meet technological advancements.

We recognize that technology is the engine of future growth. That's why we are embarking on an internal and external digital transformation to complement the value or products deliver and improve customer experience.

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