Management System

Guidelines and procedures for continuous betterment.

Mexichem has developed a system allowing sustainable development. This system manages processes and procedures to identify, establish and manage sustainability goals, to create value with communities neighboring our sites and to develop shared value projects. The pillar of the sustainability management system is Mexichem’s Sustainability Management Manual, which stipulates our intention and proceedings regarding the most transcendental sustainable issues for our development. Requirements in this manual are based on ISO 26000, GRI and Integral Responsibility Management guidelines. This Manual allows us to manage:

  • Social-environmental risks within our organization.
  • Interaction with and expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Development opportunities that the organization might have by implementing sustainable strategies and objectives.

This management system is based on and broadens management processes and systems already implemented at Mexichem, founded on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and ISRS standards. By adding this system, sustainability processes and practices documentation and management already implemented at Mexichem are strengthened. At Mexichem, we consider that formal and documented sustainability management allows our company to avoid and handle risks so as to become more stable and constant, that is, to be more resilient to changes by taking advantage of investment opportunities and its interaction with society, and to have a smaller social-environmental impact, thus being more efficient.

If you wish to learn more about our Sustainability Management Manual, please visit the following link.

At Mexichem, sustainability is transversal to all operating areas and processes, as shown in the graph. The Sustainability Committee dialogues with our diverse stakeholders to learn their expectations, to identify main social-environmental tendencies and to formulate strategies together with the Executive Committee to determine the course towards sustainable development of the company. Our daily actions are ruled by various procedures, including the following:

  • Procedure to create shared value projects. At Mexichem, shared value means to create economic value as well as social value. The company achieves this by taking advantage of opportunities that increase its value in society by means of its model and interaction with stakeholders. By identifying, creating and developing shared value projects in the regions where we operate, we pursue sustainable development of the region.
  • Procedure to identify, establish and manage sustainability goals. Establishing goals that may be recognized and pursued by all our Mexichem stakeholders allows all efforts to be focused on the same objective. This transversal synergy in the company allows efficiently managing risks and pursuing opportunities.
  • Procedures to answer complaints and suggestions, and to carry out corrective actions. It is Mexichem’s priority to be a good neighbor. My ip Good management of the company’s legal and social relations with neighboring communities supports our operations, the basis of our business. By respecting legal dispositions and complying with social agreements, the company guarantees its business continuity and competitiveness overall and in every facility and operation in particular.
  • Procedure for sustainability internal audits. At Mexichem, we are guided by the following principle: “Once we say it, we do it”. That’s the reason why we have a procedure to guarantee that what is established in our Sustainability Manual is really being applied at our operation sites.

We also have a report system to collect all information on relevant sustainability indicators for all our operations, to consolidate data collected and to make better decisions for continuous betterment.