Strategic Approach

The framework to mitigate risks and reduce environmental footprint.

The triple bottom-line focus, which unites economic, social and environmental concerns under one business strategy, is grounded in the concept of sustainability. The strategy is in turn set within the framework of the company’s mission, vision and corporate values which are applied to each operating unit.


For further information concerning Mexichem’s Mission, Vision and Values please click here.

In order to guarantee that our actions and best practices are carried on in the future, we have developed methodology that channels our sustainability efforts. This methodology is based on three elements:

  1. To develop management policies and manuals stating our main social and environmental proceedings. If you wish to learn more about our policies, please go to the following link.
  2. To establish sustainability goals on social, environmental and generating shared value issues. Please go to the following link.
  3. To design and implement a system that manages our proceedings to efficiently achieve goals. If you wish to learn more about our sustainability management system, please visit the following link.