Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Message from the Chairman

"I believe our executive team is best-in-class and that we are executing a strategy that I am confident will create value over the long term."

Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena

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Ownership Structure

46.5% Free Float

53.5% Grupo Kaluz & Del Valle Family

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of 12 directors and no alternates.

Honorary Chairman for life
Antonio del Valle Ruiz
Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena

Adolfo del Valle Ruiz
Ignacio del Valle Ruiz
Antonio del Valle Perochena
María Guadalupe del Valle Perochena
Jaime Ruiz Sacristán
Fernando Ruiz Sahagún*
Eugenio Santiago Clariond Reyes*
Eduardo Tricio Haro*
Guillermo Ortiz Martínez*
Divo Milán Haddad*
Alma Rosa Moreno Razo*

*Independent Members Note: Mrs. Alma Rosa Moreno Razo was appointed as Board Member in the Annual General Shareholder Meeting, held on April 23, 2018: Click here for more information.


Corporate Practices Committee

Our Corporate Practices Committee provides opinions and assistance to the Board of Directors in reviewing important reports and transactions; calling shareholder meetings; and in requesting and obtaining opinions from independent third-party experts.


Eugenio Clariond Reyes Retana (President)
Divo Milán Haddad
Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee supervises external auditors, analyzes their reports and reports back to the Board of Directors, among other duties.

Fernando Ruíz Sahagún (President)
Divo Milán Haddad
Eduardo Tricio Haro
Jaime Ruíz Sacristán (Permanent guest)

Finance Committee

Our Finance Committee supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities to shareholders regarding the policies, practices and strategies related to managing financial affairs.

Jaime Ruíz Sacristán (President)
Guillermo Ortíz Martínez
Antonio del Valle Perochena
María de Guadalupe del Valle Perochena
Adolfo del Valle Ruíz
Ignacio del Valle Ruíz

General Shareholder Meetings

Access the minutes from Mexichem shareholder meetings.

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Governance Documents

Rules and procedures by which we operate.

Bylaws Code of Ethics
Whistleblower Line Compensation

  • Filings and Reports

    Quarterly and annual reports, key financial figures and reports to the Mexican Stock Market.

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  • Share & Bond Information

    Mexichem’s current and historical stock price and movements, dividends and equity research coverage, and Mexichem's credit ratings.

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  • Our Strategy

    Providing innovative solutions to address the global issues of today and the future.

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