Mexichem is a global leader with over 50 years experience in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

The Mexichem history


Cables Mexicanos S.A. is founded by a group of Mexican and English investors to satisfy the Mexican market of high carbon steel wire ropes.


Cables Mexicanos S.A. changes its name to Aceros Camesa.


A control company is created and called Grupo Industrial Camesa. Camesa becomes a publicly held company and is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.


Grupo Empresarial Privado Mexicano (GEPM), a company held by the del Valle Family, acquires Grupo Industrial Camesa. GEPM held 50.4% of stake of Mexichem, a chemical company, and the French Chemical Group, Elf Atochem, held the other 49.3% of the stake.


Grupo Empresarial Privado Mexicano (GEPM) disappears as it merged with Camesa.


Camesa increased its stake in Mexichem from 50.4% to 100%. With this acquisition, Camesa focused on the chemical business.


Química Flúor, a producer of hydrofluoric acid, is acquired. Through this acquisition Camesa becomes the largest integrated producer of hydrofluoric acid in America.

Grupo Primex, a Mexican company, leading producer of PVC resins in Mexico and Latin America, as well as a producer of plasticizers, phthalic anhydride, resins and plastic compounds, is acquired. With this acquisition, Camesa is positioned as the leading Mexican producer of PVC resins and third in Latin America.


The business of high carbon steel wire ropes, Aceros Camesa, is sold.

Grupo Industrial Camesa changes its name to Mexichem.


Mexichem begins its international footprint by acquiring Bayshore Group, a PVC compounding business with operations in the United States.


Mexichem acquires Amanco (and its subsidiaries), a leading Latin American producer of PVC pipe systems and fittings for the conveyance of fluids, primarily water.

Petroquímica Colombiana (PETCO), a company whose principal activity is the production of PVC resins and whose products are sold around the world, is acquired.

Mexichem acquires 50% of shares of C.I. Geon Polímeros Andinos, a producer of PVC compounds, thereby forming a strategic alliance for the development of new markets and technology.

Mexichem consolidates the acquisition of the business of DVG, Industria e Comércio de Plásticos (Plastubos), a producer of rigid PVC pipes used for the transportation of potable water and sewage.


Mexichem acquires Fluorita de Río Verde, a fluorspar business, including its production plants as well as two acid grade fluorite mining concessions.

Quimir, a sodium phosphates company, is acquired.

Mexichem acquires Geotextiles del Perú, a producer of geotextile products.

Mexichem acquires the business of Fiberweb Bidim Industria e Comércio de Não-Tecidos, also a producer of geotextile products and Brazilian leader in the production and distribution of non-woven products for the geotextile industry.

Mexichem acquires Colpozos, leader in irrigation and well drilling systems in Colombia.


Mexichem acquires Tubos Flexibles, a Mexican company with four plants located in Mexico that produce PVC pipes and connections.

Mexichem acquires the remaining 50% shares of C.I. Geon Polímeros Andinos.

Plastisur, a PVC company in Peru, is acquired. As a result of this acquisition, Mexichem becomes the leading Peruvian PVC pipe manufacturer.


Mexichem acquires, from INEOS Group, its fluorochemical business located in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Taiwan. With this acquisition, Mexichem becomes a world leader in the fluorine chemical segment, particularly in the production of refrigerant and medical gases.

Mexichem acquires Policyd, manufacturer of PVC resins, and Plásticos Rex, manufacturer of PVC pipes and fittings. These two acquisitions give Mexichem the opportunity to better compete through synergies and operating efficiencies throughout the PVC supply chain.


Mexichem acquires AlphaGary Group, a producer of PVC, TPE and TPO compounds, with facilities located in the United States and the United Kingdom. This acquisition, which came along with new technologies, gives Mexichem the potential for research and development and product innovation.


Mexichem acquires Fluorita de México, a fluorspar business. With this acquisition, Mexichem gains access to the highest pure fluorspar available worldwide.

Mexichem acquires Wavin, Europe’s leading company in the production of plastic pipe systems and solutions and whose operations extended across 18 European countries.


Mexichem acquires PolyOne’s specialty PVC resins business, with two plants in the United States and one Research and Development Center.

Mexichem and Pemex Petroquímica, Mexican state-owned petroleum company, formalize a joint venture, Petroquímica Mexicana de Vinilo (PMV), to produce vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). As a result of this strategic alliance, Mexichem’s ethylene value chain (from salt-ethylene to PVC resins and fluids conduction systems) is expected to consolidate its vertical integration strategy.

Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem), a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, and Mexichem formed a 50/50 joint venture, Ingleside Ethylene, to build a 1.2-billion-pound per year capacity ethylene cracker at the OxyChem plant in Ingleside, Texas, along with pipelines and storage at Markham, Texas.


Mexichem, Enesa Energía and Invenergy Clean Power formed a consortium that was selected by Pemex as winner for the Cogeneration project Cactus, aimed to generate electricity and steam.

Mexichem acquires Dura-Line, a global leader in HDPE conduit, duct and pressure pipe solutions for the telecom and data communications, energy and infrastructure industries. With this acquisition, Mexichem expands its footprint in the United States and Mexico, as well as in Asia (India), the Middle East (Oman), Europe (the Czech Republic) and Africa (South Africa).

Mexichem acquires Vestolit, the sixth largest producer of PVC resins in Europe, only European producer of HIS-PVC and second largest European producer of PVC paste.


Mexichem acquires the distribution and sale license for pharmaceutical grade HFC-227ea/P product from Dupont Fluorochemicals.