About Us

About Us

Mexichem is a leading provider of products and solutions across multiple sectors from petrochemical to construction, infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, telecom and energy, among others. It is one of the biggest producers of plastic pipes and connections worldwide and one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies in Latin America.

Built upon a global footprint, it employs over 18,000 people in more than 30 countries where it holds over 120 production plants, 2 fluorite mines, 8 training academies, 16 research and development laboratories and 2 technology & innovation centers. With over 50 years of history and more than 30 years trading on the Mexican Stock Exchange, Mexichem generates over US$5.7 billion per year and has a business model of vertical integration and strategic acquisitions, which derives in exclusive access to raw materials, proprietary technology and global competitiveness.

As a result, Mexichem offers a broad range of value added ingredients and finished products that contribute to customers’ success and ultimate improve the quality of life for people around the world. Along its commitment to good citizenship, Mexichem delivers Total Value to customers, employees and investors worldwide, every day.

Industries and Product Categories

We serve a wide variety of industries through several product categories.

We serve a wide variety of industries through several product categories.

Our Competitive Strength

We focus on creating value for our shareholders, customers and suppliers by continuously developing and improving our products and services, adding value from our basic raw materials through vertical integration into higher value-added products market to achieve superior results. Our principal competitive strengths include:

  1. Continuous innovation

    Mexichem constantly researches and develops new products, and our patented production processes confer competitive advantages over our competitors. Eight research centers in Mexico, the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom also focus on aligning processes for safety and optimal production.

  2. Experienced management team

    Mexichem’s senior managers have in-depth knowledge of the chemicals industry in global markets, with an average of more than 11 years of experience each. The management team has a proven track record of successfully executing on operations, streamlining processes and integrating new acquisitions.

  3. PVC market leader

    Mexichem’s leading position in the PVC market—having grown into one of the largest producer of plastic pipes in Europe and Latin America as well as a reference in the production of PVC resin in Latin America—positions Mexichem to significantly benefit from sustained future growth expected in the infrastructure and construction industries.

  1. Relationships with key suppliers

    Mexichem has secured long-term supply agreements with OxyChem and entered into a joint venture with Pemex Petroquímica for the procurement of VCM used to make PVC. These arrangements ensure a reliable supply of VCM on attractive terms.

  2. Significant economies of scale

    Mexichem enjoys significant economies of scale in the global fluorine market due to the operation of one of the world’s largest fluorspar mine, a significant global HF production capacity, and a leading position in fluorine chemicals with close proximity to the U.S. fluorocarbons market.

  3. Solid acquisitions and integration

    Mexichem has completed 22 acquisitions (for an aggregate of 78 acquired companies) since 2003, investing more than US$3.7 billion. Success at integrating new acquisitions has boosted net sales and EBITDA and put Mexichem in the lead within the industries we operate.

  1. Vertically integrated operations

    Mexichem’s vertically integrated operations and direct access to raw materials provide economies of scale resulting in reduced operating expenses. Our operations are integrated throughout our major chemical product chains, from core natural resources to the end consumer.

Our Winning Formula

  • Vertical integration from acquisitions to organic growth

    Mexichem’s business strategy emphasizes expansion in new and existing markets through organic growth as well as the acquisition of companies that offer synergies, opportunities for vertical integration and that add value to our processes. The successful execution of our strategy can be seen in the 78 companies we have acquired since 2003.

  • Continued focus on customer relationships

    Mexichem leads in the markets we serve by manufacturing high-quality products and providing exceptional service that generate new business and cultivate customer loyalty. Our custom-designed products meet the needs of specific markets and coupled with the technical assistance Mexichem provides, we help our customers grow and develop new products.

  • Unified business culture

    Mexichem unites its global footprint of diverse cultures, ways of thinking and different perspectives into one business culture. We take pride in establishing and affirming our unique mission, vision and values among all of the companies we operate, so that our employees may live up to them in their daily work.

  • Commitment to social and environmental responsibility

    Mexichem is committed to social and environmental responsibility. Our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) establishes and evaluates our goals and performance objectives. In 2011, we obtained an “A” rating on our GRI, the highest a company can achieve. A subsequent audit by Deloitte added a “+” distinction for our efforts.

  • A continued focus on high value-added products

    Mexichem’s focus on high value-added products includes a fluorspar purification process which has significantly changed the global HF industry, proprietary technology for the production of PVC resin, and the development of new and advanced production processes at our Research and Development Center (Mexichem CID), all of which benefit the industries in which we operate.

  • Our Beliefs

    Our Beliefs

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