The Fluent Business Group manufactures a diverse group of products that provide essential services impacting the life quality of the final consumer in ways that aren’t always visible. From the production and distribution of pipe systems and fittings that distribute electricity, water and gas, to conduits that provide pathways for data, video and communication delivery, our products house, protect and provide pathways for these essential services to reach the homes, businesses and communities throughout the world.

We focus on markets in the construction (residential and commercial) and infrastructure industries, offering technical solutions with geo-synthetics like nonwoven geo-textiles, geo-drains, geo-membranes and geo-mesh that are used in civil construction, environmental and infrastructure works.

We provide solutions in agricultural, civil and project engineering, relating to the handling, use and control of water in farming, fishing and aquaculture, as well as solutions for power transmission and distribution of commercial, industrial, governmental and agricultural electrical applications. Furthermore, we provide fast and safe installation of communication networks used by both the public and private sectors.

Our pipe systems and conduits are made from polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene and specialty flame and smoke resistant compounds.

For more information about our products please email fluent@mexichem.com.

Product Categories

We supply PVC pipe worldwide, bringing development and well-being to millions of people. We have become the largest integrated producer of PVC in Latin America, contributing to a strong and highly recognized position worldwide, in the following categories.

  • Building & Infrastructure

    Mexichem provides solutions for single-family homes, housing developments, high-rise buildings, public power utilities, commercial constructions, and landscaping and industrial applications. We also offer solutions for the electrical industry, both for domestic and commercial installations.

  • Geosynthetics

    Mexichem manufactures geosynthetics and specializes in providing innovative and quality solutions for transport, oil and mining infrastructure projects. Likewise, with its nonwovens geotextiles it is present in the automotive, footwear and roofing markets; among others.

  • Irrigation Systems

    Mexichem offers a wide range of water management solutions, from production pipe and electrical systems for irrigation in the agricultural sector, to plastic fittings and accessories, infrastructure and basic sanitation, fluid and property conduction, both for residential and commercial needs.

  • Datacom & Infrastructure

    We manufacture and distribute communication, data products and systems, providing protection and fast, safe configuration of fiber optic, coaxial and copper communication products, for use by public and private, and government networks.

Commercial Brands

  • Wavin
  • Duraline
  • Netafim
  • Amanco
  • Bidim
  • Pavco
  • Colpozos
  • Plastigama


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