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Production facilities

Mexichem Flúor has the following production facilities:

  • San Luis Potosí - Mexico: Mexichem Flúor S.A de C.V. The largest fluorite producer in the world. Exports its products to Canada, the United States, South America, Europe and Japan. Annual production of metallurgical gravel is 350,000 metric tons, along with 280,000 metric tons of acid-grade concentrate.

  • San Luis Potosí - México: Mina Río Verde y Álamos.Two fluorite production plants that turn out acid-grade and ceramic-grade concentrates. The plants are located in Ciudad Fernández, the municipality adjoining Río Verde (San Luis Potosí) and Álamos de Martínez, in the municipality of Victoria, Guanajuato. The Río Verde / Álamos region is not only an interesting and attractive alternative site for production of this mineral, it is also important in geological terms because of its ample evidence of fluorite mineral outcroppings. Company geologists have determined that his region is an ideal site for mining this mineral.

  • San Luis Potosí - México: Unidad minera Las Cuevas.

  • Matamoros - Mexico: Mexichem Flúor S.A de C.V. The second largest plant in the world in terms of production capacity, at 208 million pounds a year. Exports 98% of its production to the United States. Produces anhydrous and aqueous hydrofluoric acid.

  • Múzquiz, Coahuila - México: Fluorita de México S.A. de C.V.

  • Jáltipan, Veracruz - México: Azufrera Unión Minera del Sur S.A. de C.V.

  • Runcorn - United Kingdom: Mexichem Fluor UK Limited. This is Mexichem's first commercial-scale HFC-134a production plant. In the year 2006 it made the transition to production of HFC-125. This is the largest hydrofluoric acid production plant in the world.

  • St. Gabriel - Louisiana (USA). Mexichem Fluor Inc. The world's largest producer of HFC-134a, supplying clients throughout the Americas and in export markets.

  • Mihara -Japan: Mexichem Fluor Japan Limited. We cover the Asian and Pacific market by supplying Klea® 134a.

  • Toronto, Ontario - Canadá: Mexichem Fluor Canada Inc.